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Cantabria Calling

Cantabria Calling is committed to providing opportunities for exercise, enjoying outstanding scenery and close contact with nature and wildlife in a safe and enjoyable environment. We believe that the region of Cantabria offers walkers and holidaymakers the ideal location to pursue their interests and leisure activities in an unspoilt and captivating setting. Our walking activities are designed to present walks of a varying length and difficulty in an easily-accessible and affordable format. Driving and walking directions are clear and accurate and have been checked by the authors and others within the last twelve months. We aim to make your walk in the beautiful Cantabrian countryside an enjoyable and relaxed leisure activity, whatever your level of fitness or previous experience.

The Authors

Cantabria Calling is jointly owned and managed by Kate and John Daly. They each enjoyed successful careers in education in the UK before establishing Cantabria Calling as a means of helping others to share their love of walking in fantastic surroundings and close contact with the local environment. Kate and John are the authors of a series of guides to walking in Cantabria and they are fully trained walking guides and qualified in Mountain First Aid (REC). You can find out more about the authors via their blog