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At Cantabria Calling we are delighted to share our knowledge and experience of Cantabria with you, our customers. We undertake to respond promptly to enquiries by e-mail or phone; provide you with courteous and professional service; ensure that you have accurate and reliable information and promote the highest standards of safety and welfare for our activities. Please note that this activities are available until 15th September 2017. If you find yourself in Cantabria beyond this date and would like information or advice about walking in the region, please do not hesitate to contact us.

one-way_routesOne-way routes

Step out on your own with one of our easy-to-use one-way routes. You will be accompanied to the end of the route to park your own car and then be driven to the start. Our straightforward directions will lead you through unspoilt and beautiful areas of Cantabria’s natural parks and rivers. Cost: 20 euros per person. Group size 2-4. View One Way Routes.

walking group 2Guided walks

Alternatively, let one of our experienced guides lead you on a guided walk. Our routes have been carefully selected to allow you to enjoy the best scenery and views that the Cantabrian countryside has to offer. A number of our ‘Free to Download’ routes are also available as guided walks. Cost: 20 euros per person including transport to/from the walk. Group size 2-4. View Guided Walks

At Your Own Pace

Why not join our group to enjoy gentle walking among stunning scenery at your own pace. No pressure, no time-limits, just a relaxing stroll. For more details please contact us.