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Walking in Cantabria


All our walking activities are based in Cantabria and many of them take place against the backdrop of the imposing Picos de Europa. With a generally temperate climate throughout the year and good transport links by air, sea and road, Cantabria is an ideal setting for a walking holiday and there is plenty to keep you occupied during your stay. Cantabria enjoys a widely varied landscape, dominated by the Cordillera Cantábrica which runs across the region: and with more than half its territory being located above 500m (1625ft), there is ample opportunity to explore the higher ground.


Walking in Cantabria 1

In recent years walking in Cantabria has developed both as a form of exercise and as a social activity. This has contributed to improved maintenance of the most popular routes, increased signage and the provision of facilities. There is a network of major walking routes which are usually identified by yellow and white way-markers and there is a helpful system for indicating which route not to take.



Every effort has been made to make our routes and walking directions safe to use. Where appropriate, hazards are identified in the walking instructions and our guided walks are led by trained walking group leaders. In addition, the following general points should also be borne in mind:


  • Spanish custom (and law) places responsibility for one’s actions firmly with the individual (or in the case of a child, the parents) i.e. the consequences of your decision to go for a walk are down to you.
  • The weather in this region and in the mountains in particular is subject to rapid and sometimes dramatic change so it is advisable to carry extra layers and waterproofs even if you set off on a fine, clear day.
  • Walking in Cantabria allows you to get really close to nature, especially animals and livestock. It is quite common to come across cattle, sheep, goats and horses on many of the routes. Please be aware that many forest and river areas are designated for hunting (coto deportivo de caza). Should you encounter any animals on your walk, please take care when in their vicinity.